October 13, 2018

Ramada Plaza Chennai, INDIA

Building SME Capabilities for 2020 & Beyond

About SME Convention

This one-day convention will immerse you in about 25 business topics to take your business to the next level. At the end of the conference, you will carry 75 business ideas to transform your business and make a huge difference in your business sustainability and growth.
Who Should Attend: C-Level Officers, Managing Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, General Managers and Business Students.

You will hear both theories and empirical studies that were exclusively documented for this conference through intense research and data analysis by 15+ Business Consultants.

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Building SME Capabilities for 2020 & Beyond

Convention Agenda

  1. SME Convention 2018 Agenda
9:30 - 9:50


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9:50 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:15

eCommerce Platform

The major channels of today’s organisations are brick-and-mortar setup and eCommerce portals. Ignoring the eCommerce side is like foregoing a huge market opportunity. This topic will review an easy to implement approach for enabling your organisation in eCommerce.

10:15 - 10:30

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

SOP is one of the most cost effective tools for streamlining the operations, training, process improvement and customer satisfaction in organisations. The framework for implementing SOP will be detailed during this session.

10:30 - 10:45

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The life-cycle of your buyer moves five stages, that is from stranger, visitor,
prospect, customer and account. As they progress through these stages, an organisation has to invest more resources to satisfy them. During this session, how implementing a CRM will help you accomplish this.

10:45 - 11:00

Lead Compendium

The first step in achieving extraordinary sale in your organisation is to know whom to sell the products and services. Lead compendium is a helpful tool to consolidate all the B2B leads of your organisation with business intelligence. A case study on lead compendium will be presented.

11:00 - 11:15

Business Analysis

Organisations constantly face internal and external challenges. Business analysis is all about arriving at appropriate solutions to solve these challenges. Business Analysis Schema 1.0 will be explained during this session.

11.30 - 11.45

Coffee/Tea Break

11:45 - 12:00

Customer Persona

The concept of customer persona helps an organisation to thoroughly understand the demographic and psychographic attributes of their customer. Better customer understanding will help in better targeting the customer.

12:00 - 12:15


Having a company website for the products and services is the first-step in your digital presence. Developing the right website is important to ensure that it works for your business. The key elements of a website will be discussed in this topic.

12:15 - 12:30

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO used to increase a website's position on search engine results page. Developing an SEO strategy for your business can help draw customer traffic to your website as well as grow your sales and revenue.

12:30 - 12:45

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media will expose your company or service to new eyes and social media marketing used to increase your business’ visibility and increase better conversion rate for your business.

12:45 - 13:00

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM used to increases website traffic and convert relevant leads, paid ads and site come up on top position search engine results. SEO takes time to grow, SEM can be done quickly enough and offers many benefits for your business. SEM result better than traditional marketing avenues.

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:15

Content Marketing

People have become averse to the word ‘sales’ and company don’t want to meet someone who want to have a meeting to promote products or services as everyone is overwhelmed with more and more sales proposals. Here comes the content marketing, which subtly introduces about your product or service. When your prospects really want, they will approach you.

14:15 - 14:30

New Product Development

A need or problem leads to a product and that product becomes the foundation of the organisation. We will discuss the 15 critical factors to ensure NPD successes in both products and services.

14:30 - 14:45

Blue Ocean Strategy

Many of try to sell a product or services which is already flooded in the market. Blue ocean strategy suggest that do not fight in a red ocean where everyone is trying to outsmart others in terms of pricing, which will not fetch you a good margin. Rather create a unique product or service and establish a market where no one is your competitor. We will discuss a case study where Fhyzics created a blue ocean strategy service called ‘Movie Analysis’ and behind the success of blockbuster movies like ThaniOruvan (2015), Mirasal (2017) and Velaikkaran (2017).

14:45 - 15:00

Process Improvement

Each organisation has a number of primary, secondary and management processes. When these processes are identified, mapped, understood and analysed it will give a great insights to improve the processes of the organisation.

15:00 - 15:15

2020 & Beyond : Predictions

Whether it is a large corporation or SME, both are equally subjected to the disruptive forces that plays havoc in the industry. This session aims at developing a futuristic direction for the SMEs and the trends in the coming years.

15:15 - 15:30

Coffee/Tea Break

15:30 - 15:45

55 Business Models

This session derives its inspiration from Oliver Gassman’s book that talks about the 55 building blocks of businesses. We will do a quick review to understand the concepts and how to assemble these models to create new business models.

15:45 - 16:00


TRIZ is a Russian methodology of problem solving, roughly translated as Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. This session will help you learn TRIZ and effectively solve your business problems.

16:00 - 16:15

Business Model Canvas

Proposed by Alexander Osterwalder, business model canvas is a wonderful tool both for new and existing businesses to evaluate any business on the 9 elements. This session will introduce you to business model canvas and the 9 elements.

16:15 - 16:30

Disaster Management

Disaster is a ultra-low-frequency event, but has the potential to completely wipe-out a business from its industry. A case study on BP’s accident at Gulf of Mexico and the importance of creating a Disaster Management Plan for your organisation will be discussed.

16:30 - 16:45

Government Schemes & Subsidies for SME's

Union, state and financial institutions are constantly promoting the growth of SMEs across India. Though there are numerous schemes many entrepreneurs are not aware of it. The purpose of this session will be to introduce all those schemes to the participants in nutshell.

16:45 - 17:00

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright & Design

Protect your products and services with IPR and be vigilant in enforcing it against counterfeits. Various elements and procedures of IPR will be elaborated during this session.

17:00 - 17:15

Risk Management

All businesses are subjected to internal and external risks. Knowing them will help us to react better rather than being a spectator stunned by surprise. We will review ISO:31000 and it will help you to create a framework for Enterprise Risk Management.

17:15 - 17:30

Customer Service

The concept of customer service is not a static one, but rather dynamic. It continuously evolves based on knowledge, regulatory framework, competition and changing customer preferences. We will explore how Customer Blueprinting exercise will help your organisation in improving customer service.

17:30 - 17:45


Lapses in meeting the compliance requirements of government and regulatory bodies will create disruption in business, damage to reputation and potential loss of business. During this session we will discuss a framework to identify, analyse and comply the requirements.

17:55 - 18:00

Fhyzics Business Analysis Series

Freshers' HandBook to Business Analysis

The Freshers' HandBook to Business Analysis is a guide to practice business analysis. The book is written in a lucid style to enable both starters and experienced to understand the business analysis framework, concepts, terminologies, tools and techniques. The book is based on Business Analysis Schema 1.0 [BAS 1.0] formulated by Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research ( BAS 1.0 is the only framework in the world that gives a comprehensive focus of all the elements of business analysis such as business analysis activities, business analysis techniques, tools, domains and peripheral competencies.

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This year's SME Convention 2018-Chennai is happening at Ramada Plaza from chennai. You will join over 100 SME Business Owners From across India.


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